We currently race and build the BRZ in Pirelli World Challenge. But as great as our TCA spec car is, I think the Track day version could be better. In the TCA spec car we are loaded up with several hundreds pounds of weight to slow the car down for the class, Also we are limited to what we can do with suspensions arms or bushings. The motors have to remain stock other then Tune, intake and exhaust. In the areas we can improve we need to maximize on there effect.  My plan for this car is to show what can be done to an average street car without spending a fortune, Not sure how fast I can complete this project, as we have 2019 to get ready for.

But let me introduce you to the car.


2013 BRZ 29,000 miles.

Car was bought cheap, it was missing some parts and has a few scratches and dings and a blown motor. .

Step one get it running. First we installed a good used stock motor with 2017 intake, Light Flywheel and race clutch. We also installed the 4.30 geared Differential. Car is on the road and now my daily driver. First impression, car does have that cheaper feel and noticeably slower then I would prefer. Stock rear tires are easily overwhelmed. After a few weeks I started to notice what make this car great. Its light and nimble, comfortable and most importantly it has to be the easiest car in the world to work on. Something that made me fall in love with it at the race track. Motor and transmission are so easy to change. It really is a great little car, much better in my opinion then the MX5. I don’t know why all the reviews always pick the MX5. So small and useless. Only thing I can think of is the awful setup and lack of rear grip in the BRZ from the factory.